His Life
Candle Lighting
דף הבית
NIR was born on May 21 1984 at the Rambam hospital in Haifa. He was really a beautiful baby - third child to Tali and Zvika, the young brother to Roi and Zeev and later on older brother to his little sister Hadas.
His first years were spent in kindergardens in Ahuza and already he started weaving his net of social connections and placed himself in the center of social activity.
From first grade he studied at the Reali school in Ahuza where he continued to center all his efforts and free time on his friends. Giving was his main virtue and he expressed it in every possible way, in all the aspects of his life and all the social relationships he continued to develop. In his free time he played football with the children's football team of Hapoel Haifa and he continued supporting the team all his life.

Even in elementary school Nir joined the scouts and this turned into a major focus in his life from then on. In 10th grade he was promoted to the position of a supply director in the CARMEL scout troop and all the logistics were revolving around "Nirtzi's” - as his friends often called him - warehouse. It was always Nirtzi who brought things, Nirtzi who carried things and Nirtzi who gave lifts to others. He didn't miss any of the trips that were organized by the scouts even if it meant shortening a trip abroad…
Even the move to high school and to Beit Biram did not change his priorities. Studying was a necessity that had to be born in order to make way for his rich and ever flourishing social life that was always at the top of his priorities. This quality was best described by Mr Shaiya Bar Hama his homeroom teacher when giving his eulogy for Nir:
"…Nir lived according to Rabbi Akiva' s teaching " love your neighbour as yourself”. His friendship was a true one, honest with no pretences. Nir knew how to give from himself and really gave himself to and for his friends. Always ready to help and give a shoulder when needed first before any others".
He held special feelings for the subject of the Holocaust. His grandfather – Haim Melech - is a holocaust survivor and Nir felt it was his mission to take part in the ‘March of Life’ in Poland. When he finished high school he joined the army in August 2001 and attached to the artillery division. Nir had mixed feelings towards the army but eventually he decided to join a combat unit. From then on Nir took on the full responsibility that his job demanded and with the utmost sincerity.
Very quickly he found his way into the hearts of his fellow soldiers and his commanding officers and these are the words of his commanding officer during his basic training:
" …I asked him if he was happy that he had reached this unit since it was a prestigious job offered to only 41 out of 800 soldiers that were conscripted on the same day as Nir. I remember how he smiled at me with his irresistible, heart-melting smile of his and said: “Listen, sir, I think there was a mistake in your tests. I am not smart, I do not like to study…."

And so side by side with his army service he did not neglect his main calling - his continuingly developing social life. In his free time he did public relations promotions for ‘the hottest parties in Haifa’ and by doing so he expanded his net of connections throughout Haifa and even further.
When he finished his basic training he was given a sought after job in the ‘SFIFON’ combat unit that was located for 8 months in Kalkilia and these were his field commander’s (Avi Mano) words:
"…Nir or Nirtzi as he was called by his friends, was a special human being, that giving and the good of others were always his top priorities. His commanding officers never saw in him just a soldier but also a friend. The charisma, the generosity his winning smile, his sense of humor his open mind and respect he showed to all others made him a much adored figure by both friends and commanding officers.

On that ‘terrible night' between Thursday and Friday Nir was having fun as usual in the Ultrasound club in Yagur. It was with a light heart and a smile on his face that he got into the car and with his close friends started on the journey back home.
After only a few minutes a car coming from the other direction swerved out of its lane directly into them - and Nir, who was unaware of the oncoming danger since he was sitting happily in the back seat of the car.
Nir never knew what hit them – and at 02:24 of the morning of 7th November 2003 he was killed.
Nir devoured life passionately right up to the very last minute. He used to spend every opportunity with his family and even before joining the army he traveled abroad with his family rather than his friends.
Many of his young friends came to his funeral to mourn the young life lost in vain.

His memory and his spirit will continue to be with all his family and friends and deep in our hearts he will be with us all with his everlasting and amazing smile that will stay with us forever.