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דף הבית

Sports related projects

Soccer Tournament

In Nir Landsman’s (Nirtzi) memory,
A soccer match is held at the Realy School in Beit Biram
Donated by his family in 2004

The tournament is held annually on Nir’s birthday on May 21st between six teams representing Nir’s various social circles (or alternatively, different phases in Nir’s life): The Tzofim youth movement- Shevet Carmel, the “Realy” seniors, Nir’s friends, friends of Nir’s brothers, Roie and Zeav, and the junior league of the Ha’poel Haifa soccer team, of whom Nir was a fan.
The trophy will be rewarded each year to the winning team.

Social and Educational projects

Social and Educational activities

The family decided to commemorate Nir by contributing to various social-educational and Zionist activities aided by the connection with the Realy school in Haifa from which Nir graduated.
  1. Adoption of an Ethiopian boy or girl for twelve years of schooling at the Realy school in Haifa and social companionship and support by the Landsman family.

  2. Student Exchange programs between communications’ students from the Realy school and youth from the Jewish Reform community in Glendale, Los Angeles, California.

  3. Road safety education for youth The family is distributing among youths and soldiers bumper stickers aimed to warn drivers and to serve as a constant reminder of the painful price paid in the daily war taking place on Israel’s roads.

Establishing a foundation for the war against road accidents

The circumstances of Nir’s death in a car accident brought his family, friends and acquaintances to establish a public foundation whose primary goals are initiating and participating in the constant efforts to locate road deficiencies and obstacles and taking action to repair and prevent these obstacles through persuasion and propaganda as well as through legal means.

The foundation will be based on volunteer work and will maintain constant contact with all the entities related to road safety including the local authorities, the Ministry of Transportation, he Council for Public Repairs and Developments (Maatz), the Israeli police, and the military police, while the main purpose of the foundation is to harness all the above entities to taking real strides toward a drastic reduction in the deficiencies and obstacles on Israeli roads which constitute a significant factor in causing road accidents and their painful consequences.

The non profit memorial foundation of Landesman Nir (Nirtzi)
Acc. No. 22427/46
Bank Leumi
Branch 702